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About College

The foundation of FAITH College of Information Technology is based on the concept that we don’t think people can believe that Computer & Information Technology are not important. Even though a student’s career may not start-out as an IT related

In line with the thrust of our faith and glory of our heritage, we shall try our best to play as an effective & meaningful role in creating a knowledge-based society in Hyderabad.

In furtherance of these general objectives, we shall focus upon acquisition and propagation of cutting-edge science and technologies. Recognizing the fact that Information Technology is having a profound impact upon almost every aspect of human activity & changing the shape of our future.

Our main objective is to introduce the idea of Computers and Information Technology to the people & get them comfortable. It is also important for us to help the Professionals with the effective usage of Computers in their related fields.

There isn’t any time that is too early to learn about Computer.





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